WORLD OF BUZZ MALAYSIA Mufti Wants Penang Government to Get Rid of “Giant Cross” on ApartmentvPublished 1 day ago on January 12, 2019 By Fadzly Hanaffi Source: Bernama & Milo Suam Get the latest viral stories daily! Like us:

Remember crosses reached international news in 2015 when a Malaysian church was forced to take down its cross after protests? Well once again, crosses make headlines in Malaysia. But what is it this time? Source: Milo Suam Recently, images of Grace Residences ‘cross’ sign in Jelutong made its way via social media was highlighted by a group of overzealous bigots, to an extent of claiming that it was the largest cross sign in the world. The ‘cross’, originally thought to be a sign, was nothing more than a series of lights which when lit appeared as a cross sign.

This, however, did not please the Penang Mufti who urged the Penang State Government to look into the matter. Source: Bernama According to NST, Penang Mufti Datuk Seri Dr Wan Salim asked for matters to be resolved. “I am of the opinion that this must be handled carefully and wisely according to existing legal avenues.” Source: Milo Suam “The authorities must investigate if it was done purposely or it was a coincidence

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