Not good enough! These modern day “historians” treat Penang “heritage as if it is only in Georgetown, which was modernised by the British colonial masters from a small Malay fishing/ trading port between Penang Island and Kedah/Sumatera and they only concentrate on Chinese heritage buildings and some Arabs, Indian Muslims sites. For example do they know that Kelawai Road “millionaire row” used be exclusively a Kedah Royalty, Malay, Arab, properties exclusively? I bet they know but didnt bother to highlight and probably highlights some Chinese taukeh landowner owner. And I can safely say that the Penang Malays (not Arabs, Indian Muslims) have more historical footprint that was totally ignored by these modern historians. I knew that because I was a 11th descendent of the founder and original settlers from Balik Pulau and Bayan Lepas who traded between Sumatera and Penang/Kedah even before that Francis Light was even born. The traditional Malay house model in the Penang museum is a copy of my grand aunties house in Balik Pulau (even this traditional house is rebuild during the colonial era , there was a much older architecture on the site and we were major land owner of Balik Pulau until my great great grandmother sold off the lands to the first Chinese settlers there (since they thought the land bank could support their descendents). There I said it! Penang heritage is a farce without taking into consideration the original Malay historical sites mostly in Bayan Lepas and Balik Pulau.

It pure BS to me reading through Penang heritage articles it is like reading some Hong Kong heritage since it is only concentrated on Chinese and Colonial history in Georgetown.The furthest the research went was Sungei Nibong didn’t even reach Kampung Jawa (now you call Bayan Baru) and a big blank when Kg. Jawa is mentioned by Penang Heritage. It used to be a Javanese village made up paddy farmers with family links to Kota Kuala Muda farmers on the current Kedah side. What no story there? Penang Heritage Trust should be renamed as “Georgetown Heritage Trus” since it doesnt represent the whole Penang Island.I am disgusted by these young self appointed “historians” .

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